Plastic Fantastic

plastic fantastic

Baking bread, grating coconut and living with a few liters of fresh water each day. For two years it was my reality… a sailing expedition with my boyfriend to faraway places and a sustainable way of life. The wind brought us to new places, we tried to minimize our waste and ate local fruits and vegetables. On many beaches where I came, like the Las Perlas Islands West of Panama, the coast was covered in layers of plastic. The fish that I caught and the water I drank contained plastic particles. It made the ‘Plastic Soup’ real and very close!

But even now, returned to ‘the Western World’, I get the experience every day. When I go for groceries, or when I brush my teeth and every time I open the lid of the bin… Waste is everywhere, on the streets, in the rivers, on the beach and in the sea. We can all make choices to ensure that waste does not end up in the sea and that plastic has not taken over the fish by 2050! Why? To keep our nature clean and our environment healthy.

The following weeks I will take you on a sustainable quest in the Western world. I write about my experiences, a healthy, delicious and fun lifestyle and sustainable initiatives that come my way! It is very inspiring to see how many people are working on sustainability issues, in their job and as a way of life.

The team at the Plastic Soup Foundation is such a group of people dedicated to minimize plastic entering the sea and I am happy to write some articles for their website. They are initiators of Beat the microbead, an app that allows you to check if there are small pieces of plastic in your products. Fortunately, there are more and more companies that make sustainable products and are banning the microbeads! 

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