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To keep you up-to-date the Health files offer readings on the health issue with links to original scientific articles and other sources. What consequences might the plastic soup have on our health? Are we poisoning ourselves?

This short film explains the possible dangers and health effects of plastic soup perfectly:

Anchovy eat microbeads from personal care products

Japanese researchers have concluded in the journal Nature that for the first time it has been proven that fish eat microbeads from personal care products. The scientists studied 64 anchovy (Engraulis japonicus) from Tokyo Bay. Anchovy is the most popular f... Read More

Hormone disruptors cause infertility in dogs

Hormone disrupting chemicals can cause infertility and birth defects in man’s best friend. These chemicals leak from dog food packaging and can be detected in the sexual organs of male dogs. That’s the findings of a report by British scientists from the Un... Read More

Microbeads turn fish into toxic food

For the first time there is hard evidence that sorbed pollutants from microbeads used in a specific commercial facial cleanser can transfer to fish if ingested. Australian researchers at RMIT University found that fish can absorb up to 12.5% of the polluta... Read More

Chemicals leach from food-grade plastic

Although labeled as food-safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), some plastic bags can leach chemicals that are highly toxic and the toxicity can vary among products having the same label. Heather J. Hamlin and her team (University of Maine) illust... Read More

Can you prevent exposure to BPA and plasticizers?

Humans are constantly exposed to bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates (plasticizers) in plastic. These substances are thought to be harmful to health. Due to the daily exposure, however, it is almost impossible to carry out research into the extent in which pe... Read More
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