Microbeads: multinationals testify to UK Parliament

Three multinationals, Unilever, l’Oréal and Procter & Gamble, have testified on their use of microplastics in care products to the Environmental Audit Committee of the UK parliament. All three have made public statements in the last few years that they... Read More

Zero plastic inside tops “Rank a Brand” list!

Five cosmetics brands which bear the Plastic Soup Foundation’s Look for the Zero, Zero plastic inside logo, have been nominated the most sustainable brands. Rank a Brand and StoereVrouwen examined the impact of 30 cosmetics brands on health, labor conditio... Read More

Canada: “microbeads are toxic substance”

The government of Canada has officially listed microbeads as a toxic substance. It is the first country in the world to do so. The Canadian Government is able to ban the use of microbeads in care products now that it has been recognized that microbeads in ... Read More

CleanupTogether fights litter

Cleanup Together is a new initiative to tackle the problem of litter. CleanupTogether believes that the mobilization of organisations and volunteers can be done much more effectively. And it believes that one way to do this is through an app that will make... Read More

Plastic Fantastic

Baking bread, grating coconut and living with a few liters of fresh water each day. For two years it was my reality… a sailing expedition with my boyfriend to faraway places and a sustainable way of life. The wind brought us to new places, we tried to mini... Read More

WASTED Soldiers keep Amsterdam clean during Gay Pride

The Plastic Soup Foundation is joining forces with WASTED during the Gay Pride 2016. The Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade is one of the largest annual events in the Netherlands attended by 1 million people. Unfortunately, this fantastic event also automati... Read More
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