Plastic Fantastic

Baking bread, grating coconut and living with a few liters of fresh water each day. For two years it was my reality… a sailing expedition with my boyfriend to faraway places and a sustainable way of life. The wind brought us to new places, we tried to mini... Read More

WASTED Soldiers keep Amsterdam clean during Gay Pride

The Plastic Soup Foundation is joining forces with WASTED during the Gay Pride 2016. The Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade is one of the largest annual events in the Netherlands attended by 1 million people. Unfortunately, this fantastic event also automati... Read More

Chemicals leach from food-grade plastic

Although labeled as food-safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), some plastic bags can leach chemicals that are highly toxic and the toxicity can vary among products having the same label. Heather J. Hamlin and her team (University of Maine) illust... Read More

Can you prevent exposure to BPA and plasticizers?

Humans are constantly exposed to bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates (plasticizers) in plastic. These substances are thought to be harmful to health. Due to the daily exposure, however, it is almost impossible to carry out research into the extent in which pe... Read More

High time for a Plastic Footprint

Companies want to have a better insight into their use of plastic and are aware of the environmental problems plastic causes. Nevertheless, the emission of plastics into the environment is hardly an issue. An inquiry among Socially Responsible Enterprise e... Read More

The Whole World in One Caribbean Island

A blog about the Trash to Cash project in Bonaire by Daniël Poolen The plastic pollution problem our world faces is gigantic. There are multiple sources of plastic and multiple problems, while we haven’t got all the solutions (yet). At the Plastic So... Read More

UNEP statement about the health issue

In its report on Emerging Issues of Environmental Concern the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) writes about microplastic pollution and possible impact on human health: “Except for shellfish, humans tend to remove and discard the stomach of the s... Read More
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