71 percent less plastic bags

Since 1 January 2016 it is forbidden to provide free plastic bags in the Netherlands. This has led to a reduction of 71% in plastic bags, according to a recently published research by Smartagent Marketresponse (SAMR), conducted by order of the Ministry of ... Read More

Heaps of plastic in Arctic Ocean

Amsterdam, 20 April 2017 – Not just the 5 world oceans are polluted by plastic. Parts of the Arctic Ocean are also full of it: up to hundred thousands of pieces per square kilometer. Researchers even speak of a sixth ‘garbage patch’ in the report tha... Read More

Cora Ball ‘catches’ microfibers from clothing

The Plastic Soup Foundation congratulates the Rozalia Project’s Rachel Miller on her successful Cora Ball Kickstarter campaign to reduce pollution. The Kickstarter campaign reached its goal of $10,000 within three hours and is currently at over$162,000. Mi... Read More

Video shows plastic entering the food chain

Arrow worms are transparent torpedo-shaped animals. They live in the sea from zooplankton. For the first time a film has been made showing how an arrow worm ingests a plastic microfiber. The digestive canal of an arrow worm (Sagitta setosa) is the same len... Read More

Plastic pellets pollute British beaches

A large part of the British coastline is polluted with plastic pellets, small grains that are used in the production of plastic products. This was reported in a survey in The Great Nurdle Hunt, an initiative that found pellets on 203 (73%) of the 279 teste... Read More
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