Ocean Clothes Are Still Not The Solution

We need to ditch the idea that we can easily clean up the oceans. We need to fix the problem at the source: preventing plastic from ending up in the ocean in the first place. Are people who buy trendy clothes made from ocean plastic cleaning up the plastic... Read More

Anchovy eat microbeads from personal care products

Japanese researchers have concluded in the journal Nature that for the first time it has been proven that fish eat microbeads from personal care products. The scientists studied 64 anchovy (Engraulis japonicus) from Tokyo Bay. Anchovy is the most popular f... Read More

Winner of the Political Plume 2016!

Every year the Plastic Soup Foundation awards a prize to a politician who has taken action to tackle the problem of plastic soup, so too in 2016.  The winner of the Politics Plume for 2016 is Mary Creagh! This year there were five nominees and Mary Creagh ... Read More

Hormone disruptors cause infertility in dogs

Hormone disrupting chemicals can cause infertility and birth defects in man’s best friend. These chemicals leak from dog food packaging and can be detected in the sexual organs of male dogs. That’s the findings of a report by British scientists from the Un... Read More

Politics Plume 2016: nominees

2016 was an important year in the fight against plastic microbeads and other microplastics in personal care products. Many countries have introduced a ban or are about to. That is why the theme of the Politics Plume this year is the international fight aga... Read More
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