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Better Places is now Bronze Business Angel

We are proud to announce that the Plastic Soup Foundation has a new Bronze Business Angel, the travel agent Better Places. The company will collaborate with the Plastic Soup Foundation and will make special efforts towards creating a cleaner world.

Better Places is a social enterprise with a social and sustainable mission. It believes in a world in which there is place for inspiring products and companies, built by proud local entrepreneurs. “Better Places is working with the Plastic Soup Foundation because we still want to offer our customers wonderful trips in 20 years’ time where they can enjoy clean beaches and unspoilt nature,” explains spokesperson Saskia Griep.

On 8 June, World Oceans Day, Better Places launched a new sustainability project called the Plastic Challenge. Through the project, the company wants to make people aware of the plastic problem and to encourage them to join forces to tackle it this summer. In 2017, everyone that books a trip at Better Places will receive a re-usable Dopper bottle. The travellers will be asked to fill their Doppers at as many places as possible. As it is not yet possible to drink water from the tap everywhere, Better Places is asking its community to do some research. The company would like to receive photos of drinking water points all over the world so that it can share this information with its community. Then everyone who is on the road can refill their Dopper bottles and avoid using unnecessary plastic.

Welcome Better Places! We are looking forward to a good and fruitful collaboration.