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British public wants plastic free products in supermarkets

Consumers have an abundance of choice in supermarkets these days. From gluten free, low fat, sugar free, vegetarian and organic. But the option of buying plastic free packaging is still not available. A Plastic Planet launched the “A Plastic Free Aisle” campaign earlier this year in the United Kingdom. Supermarket chains are being asked to put aside a part of their shops for plastic free products. Consumers then have the choice whether to reduce their personal plastic waste.

A Plastic Planet is running a simple but effective campaign. The site asks everyone to film themselves saying “Hi, I am [name], I am a plastic addict, but I am ready for change. I want a plastic free aisle”. They then invite three other people to do the same. The films are available on the website.

A Plastic Planet has carried out a survey among 2,000 adults. The survey shows that 91% of the respondents would like to see plastic free aisles in the supermarkets. On average, senior citizens are a little more positive than younger people. Eighty-one percent of the respondents were concerned about the amount of plastic packaging.