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Campaign for bottle deposit system in New Zealand

Since the 1980s many soft drink brands have replaced their traditional glass bottles with plastic ones, with it disappeared among others the bottle collection system known as bottle drives. The Entrust Foundation which campaigns for a more sustainable society wants to do something about this and has now launched the Kiwi Bottle Drive campaign.

Through this campaign the organization is calling on the government to introduce deposit systems on drinks packaging. Every year in New Zealand 2 billion plastic bottles are sold, out of which 40% at most is recycled. The remaining 60% ends up in garbage tips or on the streets as litter. Giving plastic bottles value by applying deposit bottle systems is an excellent way to boost recycling figures and reduce litter.

In this respect, the Entrust Foundation believes New Zealand is lagging behind the rest of the world. In Germany 98% of plastic bottles are recycled thanks to its deposit bottle system and in neighboring country Australia a deposit bottle system is to be introduced as of 2018. Moreover, 91% of the population support such a system as does the 90% of the municipalities.

On 24 September elections will take place in New Zealand. The Entrust Foundation hopes a deposit-bottle friendly party will be elected. In the meantime, everyone can send a ‘Message in a Bottle’, which is part of the Kiwi Bottle Drive campaign. You can print labels on their website with the Environment Ministry’s address and send it a package, in this case a plastic bottle, free of charge. There is room on the label for a brief message telling the government why it should introduce a deposit bottle system.