Kunstinstallatie 'Plastic Reflectic' in werking.

‘Plastic Reflectic’ by Thijs Biersteker wins Gold Lumen Prize 2017

Plastic Reflective - Interactive installation door Thijs Biersteker

Plastic Reflective – Interactive installation by Thijs Biersteker

London, September 21, 2017 – The interactive kinetic Plastic Reflectic (2016) installation won the Gold Lumen Prize 2017 in London. There are awards in different categories. The most important, the Lumen Prize Gold, went to Plastic Reflectic by Thijs Biersteker. This artwork was a collaboration with Front 404 and Better Future Factory, commissioned by De Persgroep Netherlands for the “Volkskrant Creative Press Challenge” and Plastic Soup Foundation. The installation is an interactive mirrored installation that brings the ‘plastic soup’ into our ocean alive. This aims to bring the fast-growing environmental issue to the public.

More appreciation for digital art

The Lumen Prize aims to create more understanding, appreciation and enjoyment for digital art. Now, in the sixth year the prize is awarded, more than $ 40,000 has been awarded and more than 35 exhibitions are set up worldwide in cities like Shanghai, New York, Athens and London.

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