Greenpeace campaign “Coca-Cola is flooding our oceans with plastic”

Amsterdam, 2 October 2017 – Greenpeace has begun a worldwide campaign against Coca-Cola. It is high time that the soft drink multinational acknowledges responsibility for its contribution to plastic soup and sets a sustainable course. According to Greenpeace’s report “The case against Coca-Cola”, the planet’s largest soft drinks company (500 brands operating in over 200 countries with a turnover of more than 178 billion dollars) sells more than 1,9 billion drinks across the globe every day. Many of these bottles end up in the oceans definitively, where they contribute to plastic pollution and animal suffering.

Nevertheless, Coca-Cola is continuing in the same old direction. Shareholder profit is more important than combatting plastic pollution, the proportion of refillable bottles is shrinking and the amount of recycled material in bottles worldwide is stuck at less than 7%, while there are already bottles in circulation made from 100% recycled plastic. The company is strongly resisting the introduction of deposit systems and it lobbies against stricter environment rules.

Maria Westerbos, director of the Plastic Soup Foundation. “We sincerely support Greenpeace’s appeal to Coca-Cola to phase out disposable plastic bottles as quickly as possible. Coca-Cola is largely responsible for plastic soup and one of the few companies in the world which could become part of the solution because of its market position. But Coca-Cola fails to do so.”

Sign the online petition here to support Greenpeace’s worldwide campaign to protect the oceans against Coca-Cola’s plastic bottles.