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McDonald’s must stop with straws

Amsterdam, January 15, 2018
— Every day, McDonald’s gives its customers millions of plastic straws. These are used once for a short amount of time. This is not without consequences; straws are the most-found item on beaches and contribute to plastic pollution and animal suffering

The fast-food chain has more than 36,000 establishments in more than one hundred countries. Instead of replacing the straw, McDonald’s has developed advanced plastic straws in the form of a J with openings on the sides.

Smofus.org has started a petition to urge McDonald’s to stop using plastic straws. McDonald’s is large and powerful. A prompt to stop would be quickly adopted throughout the entire sector. Shunning the plastic straw is a quick win in the fight against plastic soup. 

Click here and sign this petition. Help to put pressure on the multinational corporation!