From Marseille soap to refillable deo sticks

Amsterdam, 23 March 2018 – The European Commission’s brand new Plastic Strategy published earlier this year contains steps that must be taken to avoid unnecessary packaging waste and especially single-use products. Personal care products are part of these. Every bathroom is full of plastic containers that are only used once. Most lotions, creams and shampoos are packaged in plastic. Against our better judgement, the question of how to avoid personal care packaging is rarely asked.

Why should soap be wrapped in plastic? The traditional Savon de Marseille shows us that soap does not have to be packaged. The desired amount of shampoo could be tapped from a refill unit in refillable containers that can be used again and again. The brand Loveli has found an elegant solution for the deodorant stick. With conventional deodorant sticks, you simply use the deodorant to disguise any sweaty odours and then throw away the plastic container with its twisting mechanism, while these could easily be reused. Loveli solves this problem by selling reusable deodorant sticks and separate refills packed in paper. Take the refill out of the paper and put it into the stick. Press down and use. Repeat until the plastic container breaks and count how many containers you have saved.

The natural personal care brand Loveli was founded in 2016. It’s founder, Lind Bot, guarantees 100% natural body care. None of her products contain chemicals or microplastics. Loveli has applied for the Beat the Microbead’s Look for the Zero logo.

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