Are you ready to #RefuseSingleUse for planet Earth? 

For this year’s Earth Day, April 22, Plastic Soup Foundation is collaborating with cosmetic brand LUSH to ask consumers in the Netherlands and Belgium to #RefuseSingleUse plastic items once and for all.

Why, you may ask? Because “If we continue with our plastic habits, the oceans will have more plastic than fish by 2050.” (Ellen McArthur Foundation)

Plastic bottles, bags and straws. They take 5 seconds to be made. They are used for 5 minutes. And they take more than 500 years to disappear. They basically don’t disappear at all, they break down into ever smaller pieces, eaten by plankton and up the food chain. Guess who is at the top of it? Us!

With the campaign “Dit vluggertje komt ons duur te staan” (“This quickie will cost us”) we ask people to publicly pledge to stop using one, two or three of these top-3 most found single-use items for 30 days. The affair might be brief, but the consequences are forever.

Take the 30-day pledge and challenge three friends to do the same. Will you join? Go to our landing page to take the pledge and challenge your friends to do the same!