European Commissioner Vella receives the first copy of the Plastic Soup Atlas of the World

Malta, April 27, 2018 — The first copy of the Plastic Soup Atlas of the World was handed to Commissioner Karmenu Vella during the two-day PolyTalk conference in Malta. The European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries received the book from Maria Westerbos, director and founder of the Plastic Soup Foundation.

Vella: “Maps are constantly being redrawn. That is normal. But with the Plastic Soup Atlas of the World, the idea is to redraw the map in a whole new way. Congratulations to the Plastic Soup Foundation for outlining not just the causes and effects of plastic pollution in the ocean, but for proposing solutions. This echoes closely the work of the European Commission’s plastic strategy, which aims to reduce packaging, increase recycling and next month, to bring cutting-edge proposals to tackle the problem of single-use plastics. Together we can redraw the map and reduce the burden of plastic soup”.

The Atlas is probably the first book in the world to address the plastic soup issue from an all-encompassing perspective; it pays as much attention to the causes and consequences thereof as to solutions. The book consists of 60 topics, all of which are richly illustrated and also features several infographics.

Maria Westerbos: “It is of great importance that Commissioner Vella receives the book during the plastic industry conference in Malta. In this way, we show that it is of the utmost importance that less single-use plastic is produced, instead of more and more.”

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