Weleda International Chooses to Look for the Zero

Amsterdam, 23 April 2018 –  Weleda has informed the Plastic Soup Foundation in writing that it has opted for the Zero. The Swiss concern of natural care products is the largest cosmetics company that opts for the  Look for the Zero . Previously, Weleda Benelux had already taken that step.  

Companies that embrace the Zero declare that microplastics have not been processed in any of their products. Large cosmetic companies have replaced the microbeads of polyethylene with alternatives in recent years, but do not mention that there are dozens of other microplastics in their products. It concerns various products such as lipstick, shaving foam and deodorant.  

The only way to give customers the guarantee that care products are truly free of microplastics is when a brand explains this. The Look for the Zero offers this possibility, including the wearing of a logo. Look for the Zero is part of the international campaign Beat the Microbead and was created because there is no legislation yet prohibiting all microplastics in care products. More than 54 companies have now opted for the Zero. 

Maria Westerbos, director of the Plastic Soup Foundation: “This is fantastic news. Weleda shows that large cosmetic companies can produce care products without microplastics. There is no excuse for multinationals such as Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, l’Oreal to process microplastics in their products. These companies continue to pollute our oceans. “ 

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