Ambassadors of Plastic Soup Foundation

Oliver Heldens


Oliver Heldens is one of the most famous DJs in the world. The Dutch DJ is just 23 years old, but is the owner of his own label, has a global fan base of millions of followers and gives more than 120 performances per year. In addition to building a compelling music repertoire Oliver has a special place in his heart for the ocean. He is proud to be an Ambassador for the Plastic Soup Foundation.

Dorian van Rijsselberghe


Windsurfer Dorian van Rijsselberghe is a two-time gold-medal winner at the Olympics (2012 and 2016). His passion for the ocean made him aware of the threat of plastic pollution. Dorian is the type of man who stands up and fights for what he loves; this is why he is Ambassador of the Plastic Soup Foundation. You are gold Dorian, thanks for your ambassadorship.

Nanja van den Broek


Nanja van den Broek can dive 130 meters in just one breath. Say what? Yes, this incredible lady knows how to hold her breath, stay calm and focused while her lungs are being squeezed to the size of oranges by the underwater pressure. Nanja is the world record holder in freediving for the discipline of variable weight; she also holds an additional 30 Dutch records. Her dedication is not only focused on freediving, but also on protecting the ocean. She’s an ambassador for the Plastic Soup Foundation, for which she will start a new campaign next year: One Woman, One Dive, to Save the Ocean. Stay tuned!

Roos Blufpand


Roos Blufpand will give you goosebumps. Roos a very talented singer-songwriter who plays the piano while singing about the things she encounters in life. With only 23 years of life experience, she knows how to touch the right tone and move thousands of people who attend one of her many shows. Besides music, Roos is very occupied with sustainability issues and the plastic soup in particular. We’re very proud to welcome Roos to our Plastic Soup Foundation Ambassador team.

Omar Munie


Yay! The Plastic Soup Foundation introduces our newest ambassador: Omar Munie.

Omar Munie fled from Somalia to The Netherlands and became a successful entrepreneur and a talented Dutch designer, well-known in the Dutch design industry. Omar cares about sustainability, which he puts into practice with the production of his bags. But it doesn’t end there. He also wants to stop the incredible amount of plastic that ends up in our ocean every single minute. Omar has a love-hate relationship with the ocean: he fled from Somalia by sea and many people on that boat did not survive. In Holland Omar lives nearby the ocean where he loves to go for a stroll. It breaks his heart to see that people throw their garbage on the beach. So Omar didn’t need to think twice when Plastic Soup Foundation asked him to become part of the ambassador team and he immediately said yes.

Sander Hoogendoorn

3FM Radio-DJ

Sander Hoogendoorn is infected with the radiovirus by his grandfather who did (and still does) volunteer work at the Delft Radioziekenomroep. After his own program on Stadsradio Delft, Sander was discovered by Fred Siebelink who was looking for new talents for KX Radio. On the wheelbarrow of Rob & Fred, Sander was driven to Hilversum and in 2011 he could start programs for BNN on 3FM. From the night, through the weekend and the evening show, Sander has made the morning show at 3FM from September 2018 from Monday to Friday between 6 am and 9 am.

Besides radio DJ, Sander is a huge lover of killer whales and everything that involves the habitat of these animals. This is the reason why Sander came into contact with the Plastic Soup Foundation. Welcome to our team Sander!