FRANCOBLOGGO II: Plastic at the supermarket

Tjena! Sean Bean the drummer of Francobollo here, its now my turn to talk about the journey into a more plastic free lifestyle! Yay!

So starting out this month me and my girlfriend Aspen made a point of unwrapping any items in the supermarket that didn’t need it and leaving it there to highlight the fact that it’s not necessary and in a lot of cases unwanted. A sort of mini-protest to say ‘you guys deal with it’!

On our very first visit, here’s what happened; we did our normal shopping and on this particular visit it was my turn to buy toilet roll for the house (I live with 4 other people). My girlfriend is a major fan of monkey nuts so that was in there too, and when we got to the self-checkout we started unwrapping everything and leaving it in a basket on the side. The Swede in me was cringing at every rip as we have a tendency to feel very embarrassed when we leave something for someone else to deal with. Towards the end of our unpacking i started to feel a little bit better knowing it was for a good cause and I just needed to buck up and get on with it, after all this is our planet we are doing this for!

We brought a tote bag to carry everything in, so as to not accumulate yet another plastic bag, which would have inevitably ended up in some crevice in my room somewhere not to be seen again until the day we move out. Aspen went on to open the monkey nuts and pour them into the bag all over the toilet roll, and at that very moment i realised that my roommate is allergic to nuts!

So now we have a whole pack of bog roll in my room that only we can use in fear of killing my roommate with an allergic reaction…

In the frenzy of making the world a better place, keep in mind sometimes that the plastic that is around us has kept these anxious thoughts completely at bay and is a testament to the apathy we are falling into as a result! The more i think about it, the comforts of our time seem to inhibit our thinking about our surroundings and being aware of its big and small scale effects on it.

In short, it’s pretty hard to be aware and take action! We all need regular reminding until it’s a thing of the past! Next time we go grocery shopping I’ll be sure to bring a little nut basket to keep it all separate!

To be continued…


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