FRANCOBLOGGO I: Who are Francobollo?

Good morning! Good Evening! Merry Christmas! Happy year 3000! Whenever you may read this message, hello to you. The benefit of writing a blog is the knowledge that this message will be online forever more. Something I do not consider when I tweet, facebook, Insta ‘, or below-the-line comment online. The fact that these words are inhabiting a small space somewhere in the corner of a server somewhere underground. Taking up more digital real estate…

From left to right: Simon Nilsson, Petter Grevelius, Sean Bean (drums), Sam Bailey

I know you can not guess where I am going with this, but I do not know where to go. Impressed? Great. We are Francobollo. A band of four people from Sweden and England who is going to spend a lot of money together. Right now you are reading the wordings of the bassist Sam Bailey (hello!), But you can hear from other members on the course of this month – singer Simon Nilsson (Hallå!), Guitarist Petter Grevelius (Sup!) And drummer Sean Bean (Tjena!) We have tasks about this blog, the Plastic Soup Foundation, to raise awareness of single-use plastic’s impact on the environment, and PSF’s #StartPlasticDiet campaign. If you have not seen it, we have just released our new music video, a collaboration with animator Samuel Lewis ( ), to illustrate this.

Over the next month we are going to share our thoughts, feelings, failings, successes and ideas about trying to maintain a Plastic Diet, while being a musician’s wage. It’s all very good talking about avoiding plastic, but when you’ve got it, you can get tough. We are going to try though. We are fed up of the world that has been built around us, encouraging us to think hard about what we do everyday. Single use plastic is a good example of how we are shunning our own responsibilities, like room-ridden teens, and walking our way to being total dicks. And that is us included there. We are normal humans too. Capable of all the disposable attitudes to life. But we want to change!

Join us for the fun.

With love. Franco.