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Morocco proves: ban on plastic bags is pointless without enforcement

Amsterdam, July 3, 2018 – Today is World Plastic Bag Free Day. On July 3rd, people around the world call for attention to the negative consequences of single-use plastic bags.

More and more countries are taking measures against the plastic bag. That seems like it’s good news. But laws themselves aren’t a guarantee that there’ll be fewer plastic bags being used. Measures are almost entirely useless if they’re not enforced, too. That appears to be the case in Morocco, which adopted a law two years ago banning plastic bags.

The Moroccan NGO Zero Zbel researched the effects of the law. In three large cities, 24 volunteers questioned a total of 235 business owners and consumers at markets. The most important results are:

  • 90% of consumers is aware of the law, and all questioned businessmen are. 60% sees the plastic bags as a serious threat to the environment.
  • Eight percent of people questioned says the use of plastic bags has increased, 41% thinks it’s remained at the same level.
  • The bags are still used at markets, where they’re almost always given away for free. The majority of consumers says they use between 5 and 15 bags per shopping trip.
  • As an explanation for the continued use of the bags, the people questioned explained that it’s because they’re free, while 60% of business owners stated that 80% of their customers expect to be given free plastic bags. Alternative bags are more expensive and less practical.

Zero Zbel recommends the government to deal with the producers of illegal bags. Another recommendation is to have the results of the law be evaluated by an independent organization every year.

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