Amsterdam, August 17, 2018 – The mountain of trash that humanity produces continues to increase in size, but we’d rather look away. Kadir van Lohuizen doesn’t!

The Dutch journalist/photographer conducted research in six cities: Tokyo, New York, Jakarta, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, and Logos. No tourist would want to visit trash dumps, but Van Lohuizen sought them out and joined the poorest waste pickers. His photos and videos are confronting, making you realize that the trash issue isn’t going to be under control as long as we keep exporting trash, and propagate the recycling of plastic as the ultimate solution. As the world’s trash production increases instead of decreases, most trash is still being dumped or burned, or it ends up in the oceans.

Van Lohuizen’s photos and videos are on display until September 23 at the exhibition Wasteland, in the north of Amsterdam. Read the elaborate (Dutch) report on the Trouw website.