Cleanup system of Boyan Slat entered the Pacific Ocean 

Amsterdam, 14 September 2018 On Saturday the 8th of September the cleanup system of Boyan Slat entered the Pacific Ocean. The Ocean Cleanup starts the first major test phase with a tube of 600 meters in length and a screen of 3 meters deep. This tube will swipe all the plastic waste together. The waste will be taken to the mainland with a ship. If this test goes well, more of this kind of tubes will be build that will clean up half of the 80 million kilos of plastic in the Pacific Ocean within 5 years. Check out the news item below that RTL Nieuws broadcasted in which we were also interviewed (from 8: 00-10: 12):

The project had an enormous impact on the awareness of the plastic soup. We therefore wish Boyan a lot of success and are very curious about the results! We also want to encourage him to develop installations for rivers; 80% of all waste comes from the rivers and end up in the ocean.

Ultimately, the solution must be found in the prevention of all plastic waste that now ends up in the environment. Since our establishment in 2011, we have been trying to achieve this goal by tackling the sources of plastic soup, such as microplastics in cosmetics and synthetic fibers from clothing.