Japanese edition of the Plastic Soup Atlas of the World

Amsterdam, 13 December 2019 – The Japanese edition of the Plastic Soup Atlas of the World was published by the Tokyo-based publisher Poplar Publishing. This special edition has an additional chapter on plastic pollution in Japan.

With the first edition of 7000 copies, Polar Publishing expects a broad distribution in Japan. A country with more than 125 million inhabitants. The publisher focuses mainly on libraries and schools. The Japanese Plastic Soup Atlas can be ordered online (click on the green button).

Earlier this year in Washington DC the English world edition was published under the title ‘Plastic Soup: An Atlas of Ocean Pollution. And in Italy, a separate edition was published this year, which, like the Japanese, contains an extra chapter about the plastic soup in that country. With all these international editions, the Plastic Soup Atlas of the World (2018), which was realised by publisher LIAS in collaboration with the Plastic Soup Foundation, has received worldwide attention.

Libraries and schools

Liesbeth de Vries of LIAS publisher, who sold the rights to Poplar Publishing: ‘There is worldwide interest in this book. The fact that the Japanese edition is primarily intended for libraries and schools does not surprise me: the book deals with many themes, such as the causes, consequences of the plastic soup and solutions, and thus provides a good overview of the problems. The second edition of the Dutch edition, which came on the market last January, is also being ordered from us by schools and libraries’. LIAS is in contact with publishers in other Asian countries and hopes that there will soon also be a Korean or Chinese variant.

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