Become a donor

Become a donor

Of course, all our activities require money. In addition to project-related funding, it is mainly gifts and donations, of which the PSF runs her campaigns. Do you want to support the Plastic Soup Foundation financially and stay informed of our activities? Become a donor! As from € 5 per month, you can become a donor. Of course you can donate more if your wallet allows that, it’s a very good investment! You support us and will be updated through email and social media what we do with your donation. Would you like to work with us? Do you have an initiative or do you want to support an action? Please contact us. Thanks in advance!

By submitting this form, you give, until further notice, permission to the Plastic Soup Foundation (Van Hallstraat 52-1, 1051 HH Amsterdam, the Netherlands, creditor ID: NL24 ZZZ 520728940000) to send to ongoing debit orders your bank to write your donation of your bank account. If you do not agree with the write-off, you are able to reverse it. Contact your bank within eight weeks after the write-off and ask them about their terms and conditions. If you want to stop donating, please send an email to or call us: +31(0)85 401 62 44.

One-time donation

One-time donation

We appreciate it that you want to support us with a donation. With your help and the help of many others we are able to make a difference. You can transfer money via your own bank account to IBAN NL13TRIO0198047517 in the name of Plastic Soup Foundation quoting “donation” and potentially a small message.

Fast transactions can be made if you choose to fill in the form below. You can choose between a ‘one time donation’ and a ‘periodic donation’ that is continuous. You can fill in a specific amount besides the prewritten ones. If you choose for an anonymous donation, your name and email address will not be saved by our administration system.

Thank you very much in advance!

Yes, I would like to make a one-time donation to the Plastic Soup Foundation:

Multi-annual donation

Fiscal attractive multi-annual donation

If you want to support the Plastic Soup Foundation and enjoy a tax benefit, you can do a multiannual donation. Nowadays no expensive notary act is required for this. A private agreement between you and us is sufficient. You can simply fill in the form below. We will take care of the rest.
If you would like some help or want us to send you a form, please contact us through or call us: +31(0)85 401 62 44.

Thanks you very much in advance!

Yes, I would like to support the Plastic Soup Foundation for several years with tax deductible gifts. Send me an agreement for a multiannual donation:

Plastic Soup Foundation has been considered by the Dutch Tax Administration as a General Nutritional Institution. This means that we do not have to pay any donation and / or inheritance tax on received donations and inherits. In addition, gifts to the Plastic Soup Foundation are deductible (within the applicable rules). Our tax number (RSIN) is 850288885.

Privacy statement

Plastic Soup Foundation saves your personal data by the ‘Dutch law for the protection of personal information’. We can use your information to inform you about our activities, projects and products. If you wish to not receive this, please let us know via