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Of course, all of our activities require money. Aside from project-specific financing, PSF’s campaigns are mostly sustained through gifts and donations. Do you want to financially support Plastic Soup Foundation in its endeavours and stay updated with our activities? Become a donor! You can become a donor for just 5€ a month. You are, of course, more than welcome to pay more if your wallet permits you to, it is a good investment! You thereby support us and will receive updates about how your donation is being put to use through email and social media.

Become a donor and receive our new foldable BottleBag!

Donate 5 euros monthly or 25 euros once and you will receive this free reusable bag at home!

The only real Plastic Soup Foundation BottleBag! Made from recycled soda bottles. The bags are 40×40 cm. Now also available in our webshop.
Produced by Gimmeconcepts.

Do you want to donate but prefer not to receive a bag? Send an email to

Many thanks in advance!

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If you do not agree with this debit, you can reverse it. To do so, get in contact with your bank within 8 weeks of the debit (ask your bank about the conditions). If you wish to cancel your donorship, please let us know through our contact form (please select as subject: Donations), or call us at +31(0)85 401 62 44.

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