Plastic Soup Atlas of the World will be released end of April

Amsterdam, April 9, 2018 — There are new reports about the plastic soup issue every day in scientific journals, on TV, and in the newspapers. But what exactly is the plastic soup? Through 60 topics, the Plastic Soup Atlas of the World highlights this global environmental problem. The first 30 topics of the encyclopedic Atlas discuss causes and consequences, and explain how the plastic soup got “put on the map”. The second set of 30 topics concern what should be done to get the plastic soup “off the map” again.

Michiel Roscam Abbing, who works at the Plastic Soup Foundation and is the author of the book: “I expect this book to meet a great demand. Different aspects of the plastic soup are placed in perspective, which is done by examining the issue through the lens of recent scientific insights, gripping photos, and infographics. Through embracing plastics, humans have invoked a particularly complicated and far-reaching environmental problem that has manifested itself differently everywhere. I hope that the Atlas encourages readers to think and act.”

The beautifully designed book — in atlas format — is a collaborative project between the Plastic Soup Foundation and the LIAS publishing house in Hilversum. Starting from the end of April, the Atlas is for sale for €29.95; there are English and Dutch versions available, both for the same price. 5 euros of each copy sold go to the Plastic Soup Foundation. 

The Plastic Soup Atlas of the World is on sale on Bol.com, starting today.