Why donate?

The Plastic Soup Foundation is an independent foundation that shows that things can be done differently! Our environmental organization plays an active role in the global debate on plastic by working with government representatives and scientists. We dedicate our time to finding alternatives to plastic, to the education of children and conducting campaigns through which we poke the government, industry, and small businesses – in a friendly way.

And this approach has shown great success! We are proud of what we have already achieved throughout our short existence.

For as little as € 5.00 per month you can become a donor. Of course you can give more if your pocket allows it. We will keep you informed via e-mail and social media about what we do with your donation.

How are your contributions spent?


90.1% goes to our goal that we reach through various campaigns and projects. Our focus relies on four themes: Health, Microplastics, Litter, and Education.

Management and administration

6.8% is spent on management and administration. To keep the organization up and running.


3.1% goes to fundraising to make sure we can finance our projects and continue fighting the plastic soup.

Tax-free donation and bequeathing

Tax-free donation (dutch tax)

Would you like to donate to us tax-free? It is possible with a periodic donation. If you transfer a fixed amount to us every year for at least five years in a row, you can fully deduct your donation from your income tax. So your donation goes entirely to Plastic Soup Foundation.

With this form, you can arrange such a periodic donation quickly and easily. Please fill it out and send it to the info-mailadres below. We will send it back signed so that you can use it in filling out your tax return.

Bequeathing to the Plastic Soup Foundation

You can also support us in a special way by choosing to include the Plastic Soup Foundation in your legacy. Because charitable organizations with ANBI status are fully exempt from inheritance tax, we will use 100% of your gift to fight the plastic pollution crisis.

Would you like to know more about this? We are happy to discuss it with you. Contact us at:

“Plastic Soup Foundation started in 2011 as a grassroots organization; we were at the root of change together. If you look around now, you can already get a glimpse of the beautiful world of tomorrow. I already have that more beautiful world in my mind’s eye. But just like ten years ago, I can’t get it done without you.”

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