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My Little Plastic Footprint is an app that helps you reduce your plastic footprint by going on a plastic diet. Reduce the plastic you use in your daily life and choose sustainable alternatives.

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wat kun je doen tegen plastic soep

Reduce your plastic footprint

Plastic is everywhere in our lives. There is plastic in the food we eat, the water we drink, and even the air we breathe. But this needs to change! And we can all be part of the solution. By reducing our own plastic footprint, we can contribute to a cleaner and healthier world. The power is in our hands!

How? By going on a plastic diet. And this is where we come in. We have developed an app for you which makes it very easy: “My Little Plastic Footprint”.

How does this app work?

It’s very simple. We divided the plastic diet into six areas: bathroom, kitchen, travel, leisure, household, and garden. In each of these areas, there is a quiz with which you learn everything related to plastic. You can also follow more than 100 tips to reduce your plastic footprint. The easiest way to start your plastic diet!

To help you keep track of your diet, we created the Plastic Mass Index, or PMI, that will keep you on your toes. The PMI goes from 0 to 100: the closer you are to 0, the better you are doing at your diet; the closer you are to 100, the more plastic you need to remove from your life.

We calculated the PMI for each item in the plastic diet, based on the weight and size of each item, how much you would use it, the probability and impact of it ending up in the environment and the available alternatives.

Who is behind this app?

The international team behind this app includes the following partners:

  • Plastic Soup Foundation: NGO based in Amsterdam leading the worldwide campaign “Beat the Microbead”. Their mission: No plastic in our water or our bodies!
  • EA: in-depth knowledge of data and gamification expert.
  • Smäll: one of the leading advertising agencies in Spain in the field of sustainability.
  • Ocean Recovery Alliance: International NGO based in Hong Kong and the US, with two global programs on plastic pollution.

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As humans, we create a lot of plastic waste. More than 80% of the plastic pollution in the oceans comes from land. Half of all the plastic that we use every day, we throw away within 20 minutes. Plastic in the environment does not biodegrade; it breaks down into smaller pieces, called microplastics. Today, our oceans resemble a global soup of microplastics: the plastic soup.

Help us by going on a plastic diet and reducing your plastic footprint!