• 27 May
    27/05/2018    Hele dag    Le Mont-Saint-Michel, Le Mont-Saint-Michel

    Tiphaine runs the marathon Du Mont Saint-Michel for the Plastic Soup Foundation

    This marathon takes place along the coast of the French tidal island Mont Saint-Michel. Tiphaine Bresse from Apeldoorn decided to donate her sponsorship money to our organsation. You can sponsor her too via this link. Click here for more information.
  • 27 May
    27/05/2018    15:00 - 21:00   

    Trashlesstival in Westerpark in Amsterdam

    Worlds first Trashlesstival is on May 27th. This day you can join al kinds of games and activities, while meeting nice people and actively doing something about the plastic pollution. Click here for more information.
  • 4 Jun
    04/06/2018 - 17/06/2018    Hele dag   

    The Ocean Plastic Lab in Washington, D.C.

    The Ocean Plastics Lab is an exciting exhibition about science: It showcases the contribution of science to understand and combat the problem of plastics in the ocean. The exhibition is designed as a hands-on science lab, inviting visitors to assume...
  • 5 Jun
    05/06/2018    Hele dag   

    World Environment Day 2018

    World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated every year on 5 June to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet Earth. It is run by the United Nations Environment (UNE).
  • 8 Jun
    08/06/2018    Hele dag   

    World Oceans Day

    World Oceans Day is a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future. Read more
  • 9 Jun
    09/06/2018    Hele dag   

    March for the Ocean, Washington D.C.

    March for the Ocean - for water - for our future and say NO to offshore oil testing, leasing, drilling and spilling; YES to Corporate Accountability for plastic pollution; NO to plastic and other forms of Ocean pollution; YES to protecting our coastal communities; and YES to a...
  • 15 Sep
    15/09/2018    Hele dag   

    World Cleanup Day 2018

    Plastic Soup Foundation is the Dutch partner of Let's do it! and coördinates the national cleanup day on September 15. For more information click here.
  • 29 Oct
    29/10/2018 - 30/10/2018    Hele dag   

    Our Ocean Conference in Bali

    The Our Ocean conferences focus on the key ocean issues of our time – marine protected areas, sustainable fisheries, marine pollution, and climate-related impacts on the ocean. Click here for more information.