• 15 Dec
    15/12/2019 - 30/03/2020    00:00    La Gomera, La Gomera

    Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge

  • This is the premier event in ocean rowing – A challenge that will more than 3000 Miles west from San Sebastian in La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain (28oN 18oW) to Nelson’s Dockyard, English Harbour, Antigua & Barbuda (17oN 61oW). The annual race begins in early December, with up to 30 teams participating from around the world. The race structure brings together an environment where teams from across the globe gather in the race village San Sebastian in La Gomera, Canary Islands.
    The proceeds of the race go to charity, and both Ocean 5 and Team Maktub have opted for the Plastic Soup Foundation!

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