Take action!

The plastic problem is so huge that it can easily make you feel discouraged. It almost seems too big to do anything about. But don’t forget that people are resourceful. You too can do much more than you think to help the oceans, the planet, and yourself!  So, take action and make a difference!

As a consumer

My Little Plastic Footprint

Plastic is everywhere. In our food, in the air, and in our water. There are strong indications that plastic and its toxic additives are bad for our health. If you would like to reduce your plastic footprint, then download the My Little Plastic Footprint app!

wat kun je doen tegen plastic soep

Beat the Microbead

From lipstick to sunscreen and beyond: micro- and nanoplastics are added to many personal care products. These microplastics, hardly visible to the naked eye, flow straight from the bathroom drain into the sewer system.

This fully redesigned and free app is the fastest way to learn if your cosmetics and personal care products contain plastic ingredients.

The app uses machine learning software to read the list of ingredients on packaging and it can identify more than 500 different microplastics. That way you can immediately see whether the scanned product contains microplastics and, if so, which ones.


Do you want to do your part in the fight against plastic pollution in the ocean? And do you support the work of the Plastic Soup Foundation? Then help us by making a donation!

We are proud of what we have achieved in our relatively short existence. We owe this success partly to our loyal supporters.

Do you want to be part of that? 

Support us via Give for Good

Give for Good turns your donation into a perpetual source of income for charities in the future. Also support our future and click on the link below!

give for good logo

Go on holiday and support us

The Plastic Soup Foundation is a member of the Booking.com partner program. If you book your next stay via our site or with this link, Booking.com will donate 7% of your expenditure to us – at no additional cost to you. You can use this method as often as you want. Share the link with your friends, and don’t forget to add it to your favourites. Go on holiday feeling even better than you already did!


Trash Hunting

During a Trash Hunt, you clean up litter and record it with the help of the Litterati app. We use the recorded information from the app to map out the locations of the various kinds of litter. We then use this knowledge to remind producers and polluters of their responsibilities.

wat kun je zelf doen tegen plastic soep

World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day is the biggest cleanup day of the year! More than 190 countries are rolling up their sleeves to give the world a big cleanup. World Cleanup Day in the Netherlands is organized by Plastic Soup Foundation.

On September 17, it is World Cleanup Day again! As in previous years, thousands of people will go to the streets to clean up, but this year we will go the extra mile and clean with a mission!

With the #NotInOurBackyard campaign we want to create awareness for the plastic waste that ends up in other countries like Indonesia, where the 15-year-old Nina lives next to a polluted river full of plastic coming from the Netherlands.

Start a fundraising campaign this year and support Nina and other young heroes in their fight against plastic pollution!

Sponsor actions

Are you a fanatical sportsperson? Creative? Student? Artist? Consider making your next game a sponsored match, donating the proceeds of a sale to the Plastic Soup Foundation, or organizing a donation-collection activity. Ocean rower Ralph Tuyn, runner Lotte Damen, and student association Osiris made activities like these happen.

Have a look at more examples and get started with your own event, or organize a crowdfunding effort, for example via Geef.nl or Facebook.

As an organization

Plastic Soup Angels

Do you want to become our new Plastic Soup Angel? As Plastic Soup Angel you support the Plastic Soup Foundation’s mission and you are actively trying to prevent more plastic from ending up in the environment. Plastic Soup Angels support us financially and have a bronze, silver, or gold status, depending on their contribution. We distinguish three different types of Angels, i.e., Business Angels, Eco Angels, and Beauty Angels.

Together against Litter!

Do you and your colleagues want to do something about the plastic pollution? Go trash hunting or join World Cleanup Day and help us with plastic waste research!

By helping us, you and your team can contribute to a cleaner ocean.

Donation button for bottle deposit machines

Do you run a supermarket, and would you like your customers to be able to donate their returnable bottle credits directly to The Plastic Soup Foundation? Thanks to our Business Angel Tomra, it’s easy – and free – to install a donation button on your bottle deposit machine. Every year, The Plastic Soup Foundation presents a Deposit Award to the supermarket that has been responsible for the greatest amount of money donated. For more information, contact us via this contact form:

De campagne waarmee we het probleem van microvezels op de kaart hebben gezet.

Donation in kind

Some companies choose to support Plastic Soup Foundation in kind, with creative and practical services. De Roos lawyers, for example, supports us with legal advice, and Geckotech help with the digitization of the Plastic Diet for organizations. Our thanks to such companies!

Donation Box

Numerous enterprising retailers and –for example –many water-sports centres support The Plastic Soup Foundation because they share our goals. It’s really easy to request one of our donation boxes. If you also want to help us, please contact us via the contact form and you will hear from us soon!

wat kun je doen tegen plastic soep

Other forms of collaboration

Do you have other ideas abut how your company could support us? That’s possible of course…Good suggestions for ways to cooperate are always welcome. Please contact us via the contact form!

As a school

Plastic Soup Angels

By discussing the abundance of plastic with children at an early age, we stimulate them to consider alternatives and ponder. What will the earth look like in 50 years if we continue like this? What are the consequences of all that plastic in our environment? What can we do now to turn the tide?   

For middle schools (age 12-15) we have a free online introduction lesson about the plastic soup.

Guest lessons

We have a team of experienced guest teachers ready to come teach at your school! Our teachers know exactly how to inspire students. A guest lecture takes 1 hour and consists of information with videos, class assignments and discussion.  

Guest lessons are currently offered in the Netherlands only! 

If you are interested in an English spoken guest lesson in the Netherlands please contact: gastlessen@plasticsoupfoundation.org 

Trash Hunt

During a Trash Hunt, we not only clean up litter but also ask pupils to record what they have found. By collecting information, so called citizen science, we map the litter and are enabled to work with politicians, industry and polluters to find solutions. A Trash Hunt takes 1-2 hours on average, but of course you can go as long as you want!  

We waren ook de eerste met een onderwijspakket over de plasticsoep en het wordt al op meer dan 2000 basisscholen gebruikt.

World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day is the largest worldwide cleanup event of the year! Together with 180 countries we roll up our sleeves to give our planet a big cleanup. In the Netherlands, this day is organized by Plastic Soup Foundation.  

As a school you can also participate in World Cleanup Day. Organize a cleanup in the neighbourhood of your school and start picking! 

Check out this website to see which organisation is organizing World Cleanup Day in your country.  

Fundraising for Plastic Soup Foundation

Would you like to do a fundraising for Plastic Soup Foundation with your class or school? That is possible! There are many fun ways to raise money. For example, organize a charity run, an art market or a sponsored Trash Hunt and clean up the waste around your school.  

Contact us for more information: educatie@plasticsoupfoundation.com 

Plastic Soup Atlas

The Plastic Soup Atlas of the World can be used by both, teachers and students to learn more about the plastic soup. The book can be added to the school library or used as a supplement to teaching materials.   

Other forms of collaboration

Would you like to take action with your school in a different way? That is also possible. New ideas for cooperation are always welcome. Contact us via the contact form and you will hear from us soon!