Credit: 5Gyres

Plastic Soup: the problem is on your plate as well!

Plastic soup has now been put on the world map. UNEP, the environmental arm of the United Nations, warns of an impending catastrophe. Our seas and rivers have far too many (toxic) plastics in them. This plastic is mistaken for food by fish and other animals. As such the problem literally ends up on your plate…




The solution

The problem is complex, but fortunately there are (part) solutions:

1. Prevention: prevent more plastic from ending up in the water!
This is achieved by the Plastic Soup Foundation through education – from the consumer up to the highest authorities – and through direct action.

2. Innovations: to this specific purpose the Plastic Soup Lab has been founded
The Plastic Soup Lab needs financial means to help innovators develop and build solutions.

For this we need your support and we very much appreciate every donation!

You can support the Plastic Soup Foundation with a donation via the donation button or a direct credit to our bank account NL15 RABO 0105 3499 33 to the name of Plastic Soup Foundation.