Every year, the Plastic Soup Foundation awards four prizes: the Plastic Soup Terrine, de Politics Plume, de Plastic bags award en de Supermarketaward.

Plastic Soup Terrine

Every fall, we hand out Plastic Soup Terrine. This prize is awarded to someone in the business world who is contributing to the fight against plastic pollution.

Plastic Soup Terrine winners:

2017: Anne Marieke Eveleens, Francis Zoet en Saskia Studer, inventors and developers of The Great Bubble Barrier
: Marc van Boven, director of Weleda Benelux
2015: Erik Does, director of Ekoplaza
2014: Colinda Hoegee, director of De Tuinen (now Holland & Barret)
2013: Andreas Drenthen, CEO of Nature Group

Once a year, the Plastic Soup Foundation gives the honors to a politician that has contributed to the fight against plastic soup: the Politics Plume. The first international Plume went to MP Mary Creagh for fighting vor a ban on microbeads in the United Kingdom.

The Plastic Soup Foundation nominates politicians and the public decides who will get the prize. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels to see when you can vote again!

Previous Plume winners:

2017: Agnes Mulder, Parliament member CDA
2016: Mary Creagh, British Labour Party
2015: Liesbeth van Tongeren, Parliament member Green party
2014: Carla Dik-Faber, Parliament member Christian party
2013: Manon Fokke, Parliament member Labour party

Since 1 January 2016 it is forbidden to provide free plastic bags in the Netherlands. Many shopkeepers are willing to donate the extra money they make because of this rule. That is why Plastic Soup Foundation invented the “Plastic bag Award”.

The very first Plastic bag award was awarded to Arjan Roodenrijs, eigenaar van Meesterbakker Roodenrijs, in 2016.

2017: Meesterbakker Roodenrijs
2016: Meesterbakker Roodenrijs

  • Supermarket Award

    This prize is awarded to the supermarket whose customers donate the biggest amount of deposit return money to the Plastic Soup Foundation.

In a growing number of supermarkets, you can donate deposit return funds to the Plastic Soup Foundation. Every year we hand out the Supermarket Award to the store whose customers donated the most money and is at the top of our “Statiegeldladder” at the end of the year.

Do you want to participate with your supermarket? Click here for more information (in Dutch).

Supermarket Award winners:

2017: Jumbo Oostelijke Handelskade,  Amsterdam
2016: Albert Heijn Sprengenpark, Apeldoorn
2015: Jumbo Oostelijke Handelskade,  Amsterdam
2014: Jumbo Oostelijke Handelskade,  Amsterdam