Support the Plastic Soup Foundation

Let’s fight this problem together! Our seas and rivers have far too many (toxic) plastics in them. This plastic is mistaken for food by fish and other animals. As such the problem literally ends up on your plate. Do you also want to financially support our foundation and stay informed about all our activities? Or do you want to help us in another way?

Companies and consumers help us in a variety of ways. People are raising funds for us for example and we are regularly invited to collaborate with companies or to speak at events. We are very happy with all this and support these types of initiatives where we can. To inspire you, we have listed some of the actions we have and that people set up for us. This page is also meant to put everyone who donated money to us in the spotlight and to thank them for their support.

Thanks in advance!

In this picture you see how we use our resources.

Go on a holiday and support Plastic Soup Foundation?

Since January 2018 Plastic Soup Foundation is part of the affiliate program.

When you book a stay via our website, or this link, donates 7% to our cause. You can use this link as much as you want and please share it with your family, friends and colleagues. Don’t forget to add this link to your favorites. This way you’ll feel great when you go on your well deserved holiday!

Donate button for packaging deposit money

The Plastic Soup Foundation receives money from supermarket customers that donate their packagingdeposit money through deposit machines.  In our “Statiegeldladder” we keep track of the supermarkets that donate the most money to us. Do you want to be a part of this initiative? Please click here for more information.

Donation box

We are always looking for entrepreneurs, shops and companies that would like to support the mission of Plastic Soup Foundation. Do you want to help us? You can get a donation box! Click here for more information.

Supporters in-kind

These organisations support the PSF in kind with amazing creative and practical support. Here are some nice examples. Thank you!