The holiday season is upon us again! A nice, cozy time where (hopefully) people may come together again to celebrate.

But did you know that there is a 30% increase in plastic use during the holidays? This includes plastic packaging, products, and gifts¹.
That’s why we’d like to offer you plastic-free alternatives that will be a gift to your loved ones but not a burden on our planet.

Below is a list of all the plastic-free Eco and microplastic-free Beauty Angels participating in this promotion and who will lend you a hand by giving you discounts on their (selected) products.

And, in the good Holiday spirit, a large part of the proceeds from these Angels will be donated to the Plastic Soup Foundation.


Shine bright while treading light with SuperZero’s water-less and plastic-free hair and body care bars that are carefully customized to different hair types with clinically proven actives. Look & feel amazing with these award-winning, vegan, cruelty-free, 100% microplastic-free, and climate optimized products. 100% TSA approved, SuperZero’s bars are also your perfect travel companions to wherever life might take you.

Discount: 15% on all products

Discount code: PLASTICSOUP15

(Delivery limited to USA & Canada)

Plastic Free Amsterdam

Plastic Free Amsterdam’s mission is to help you with your plastic-free journey. It’s your go-to shop for all your plastic-free products. From personal care to everything for your home or when you’re out and about. They want to show that it’s easy to swap everyday products for a more sustainable alternative. Furthermore, they have a great selection of sustainable gifts to give to your friends or family, especially for the holidays. 

Discount: 10% on all products

Discount code: PLASTICSOUP10


FLASKE stops the single-use of plastic and offers durable, personalized drink bottles and coffee mugs. All of their products are made of the highest quality double-walled stainless steel, and keep your beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, are 100% leak-proof and come in a luxury gift box.

Discount: 50% discount on engraving

Discount code: PLASTICSOUP


They believe that it is essential to know what we are putting on our skin, which is why people at Inika pride themselves on creating organic and natural products that are effective and free from microplastics.

Inika is offering a discount on Kim Feenstra’s Favorites Set. This set has all the must-have products that every make-up lover needs. In this package, you will find Kim Feenstra’s 4 favourite products to create a complete make-up look. All 100% natural, organic and vegan.

Discount: 10% on INIKA Kim’s Favorites

Discount code: PLASTICSOUP10

No Plastic Please

NoPlasticPlease is the online department store for a plastic-free life. They see the growing problem of plastic in the world, but also understand that it is very difficult for consumers to reduce their own plastic consumption. In their webshop you will find plastic-free alternatives for (disposable) items in and around your home.

Discount: 10% on a selection of products

Discount code: PLASTICSOUP10


The goal of NoMorePlasticBags is to eliminate plastic bags from the streets. They offer a wonderful alternative: a qualitative and strong shopping bag, made of recycled bed linen and tablecloths. A bag that lasts a long time and is a reminder for consumers in the supermarket to choose products with as little packaging as possible.

Discount: 10% on a bag

Discount code: PLASTICSOUP10

Food For Skin

Food For Skin stands for no-nonsense, honest skincare. We believe in tangible results that you can see and feel. Food for Skin is free from junk and microplastics that end up in nature and, of course, free from animal suffering. Their products are full of (upcycled) natural ingredients from vegetables and plants, which bring your skin flora into a good balance.

They are offering a trial set with a complete 3-step skincare routine in glass bottles (sufficient for 3 to 4 weeks) for just €15 instead of €28,95.

Discount: 1 trial set for 15 euro instead of 28,95 (until 01-01-22)

Discount code: PLASTICSOUP10