The Plastic Health Coalition

Plastics not only pose a risk to the environment, but possibly cause harm to human health as well. We eat, drink and breathe plastic — that can’t be good for us. That’s why the Plastic Soup Foundation took the initiative to gather the most notable scientists, frontrunners, and changemakers in the form of a new alliance: the Plastic Health Coalition.

In the coming years, ZonMw will initiate 9-14 research projects which will be carried out with a focus on microplastics and human health. The Programme Committee Microplastics & Health was presented in 2018 and will examine the various research proposals that are submitted.

The Plastic Health Lab

Together with the Free University of Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), we are going to test various everyday products for the presence of plastic. Just think: bottled mineral water, microwave meals, and plastic tea bags, and more. You can soon find the results of these mini-tests on the Plastic Health Lab.

The Ultimate Plastic Diet

Because we want to offer consumers the opportunity to actively tackle the plastic problems in their own lives, we have developed the Ultimate Plastic Diet. This initiative allows everyone and anyone to reduce their plastic use through a personalized regime. We’ve put together over 100 tips across various categories, all of which are easy to follow.
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