The Plastic Soupermarket is an ever expanding impressive art installation with a strong message about single use plastics polluting our streets and waterways, created by Dirty Beach and powered by the Plastic Soup Foundation.

The Plastic Soupermarket on Tour will specifically visit the capitals of Europe to accentuate the dangerous effects of our throwaway living society on the ecosystems of the world.
It will also confront those who are responsible: from industry to brands to policymakers to consumers.


Plastic Soupermarket on Tour in Europe is a unique modern spectacle; a familiar yet surreal supermarket stocked only with plastic items recovered from European waterways. This Soupermarket will blow the minds of visitors with a scalable contemporary art installation that’s grounded in science, but rooted in popular culture. Plastic Soupermarket mimics the visual language of modern supermarkets using a sophisticated blend of graphic design, audiovisuals on the floor that become active with a multimedia app, branded products and satire. It’s a through-the-looking glass glimpse at the tragic absurdity of throwaway culture and the confronting reality of the environmental consequences.


Throw the collaborative power of Dirty Beach and the Plastic Soup Foundation into the mix and we have a unique ability to create engagement that can effect change on the short and the long turn. Together we will work on a European Plastic Soupermarket stocked with rubbish from all the major rivers. This international Soupermarket of an entire continent will learn us more about our habits that may differ strongly among countries and regions. As an example, in Amsterdam we found in 2015 bicycle saddles, umbrellas and cannabis packaging, while in the south of the Netherlands we found more household products and rubbish from pleasure boats. What will we find along the Thames River in London or the Spree in Berlin?


Every Soupermarket begins with litter that is collected from the main river or its borders by a team of local volunteers. After being washed, sorted and dried, Dirty Beach comes in and starts building the installation. Each item is individually labeled. There are dozens of ‘product lines’, specifically designed for the Plastic Soupermarket.

In 2015 PSF coordinated the collection, cleaning & sorting of rubbish in Amsterdam & South Netherlands. PSF will also take this task on for further European installations. Thanks to the success of the Beat the Microbead campaign, the Foundation has a wide network in Europe with good coverage that can be quickly mobilised