In collaboration with project partners Deutsche Umwelthilfe and Duurzame Bloemistengroep, the Plastic Soup Foundation started a sustainability campaign in the horticultural sector in the Netherlands and Germany. The campaign looks at all the plastics that are used in this sector. We look at the entire chain, from grower to auction, from retailer to consumer.

The campaign’s first point of attention is the replacement of single-use plant trays with a sustainable version. The benefits to the environment are manifold. The amount of plastic waste will immediately be slashed by millions of kilos every year.

We are also approaching companies and organisations throughout the market who are willing to work with us to map the quantity of disposable plastics throughout the chain so that we can all work together to reduce it.

The keywords, in this order, are: refuse, reduce, re-use, closed-loop recycling

Read more about this project in PSF’s position paper (In German).

Updates and News Articles

  • In the Netherlands Parliamentary questions have been asked about the use of singe-use trays in response to our campaign. Secretary of State Dijksma replied to this with official answers. Following this there will now be conducted a research about the footprints of different types of trays.
  • We wrote a blog about how the research about the trays is already under scrutiny.
  • Royal FloraHolland placed an article on their website where they stated that research is being done about the different environmental performances of various types of trays.
  • Bloembollenvisie published an article on their website (in Dutch): Dijksma: tray voor sierteelt kan duurzamer
  • We received a letter (in Dutch) from Intratuin that they are aspired to run their company with 100% multi-use trays and that they support our initiative completely.
  • The German magazine Taspo published an article (in German) about our project
  • In January 2017 we started our consumer campaign: we will publish information and pictures about our research to get the consumer involved in the issue. You can help us by retweeting and sharing the posts below.
  • The German Environmental NGO Deutsche Umwelthilfe became our partner to spread the message in Germany
  • We became partners with the Dutch organisation Duurzame Bloemistengroep, they support our campaign