When plastic waste ends up in the environment, it results in a the misuse of valuable resources and creates a major environmental problem: “plastic soup.” That is a terrible shame. Trash Hunters refuse to accept this any longer. We will bring about a solution by creating visibility around what is on the street, and then we will pick up what we see. Trash Hunters protect our oceans and waterways.

What drink packages are discarded on the street? Who are the producers and who the polluters? These are the questions that we set out to answer. Only by knowing what is out there can we tackle the issue at source.

Trash Hunters has started analyzing discarded rubbish, and is looking at drink packaging in particular. Since it started, over 30,000 items have been reported and plenty more rubbish has been cleaned up.

We have opened the hunt on single use beverage packaging. The BIG 5 are large and small plastic bottles, cardboard packaging, cans, and drink pouches. Will you join the Trash Hunters?