Trash Hunters

What types of wrappers and packaging are most commonly found in the environment? Who are the producers of these items, and who are the litterers? These are the kinds of questions we hope to answer, and that’s where we need your help! By putting litter “on the map” during Trash Hunts, we can visualize, identify, and confront the sources of the problem.
During a Trash Hunt, you don’t just pick up and properly dispose of litter, but with the help of the Litterati-app, you identify and register it as well. Over 2 million items have been categorized worldwide so far! With this information, it becomes easier to attack the sources of the litter problem, for example by developing better packaging or putting container deposit schemes into place for commonly found items such as cans and bottles.
Join us and contribute to a constructive solution for litter, and by extension, the plastic soup: go on a Trash Hunt! Join our “Trash Hunters” group or create your own group in the Litterati App.

How it works

  • Download the Litterati app
  • Start your own club OR “join the club” Trash Hunters – Plastic Soup Foundation
  • If you start your own club, make sure that you choose Plastic Soup Foundation as affiliate. Then we will receive the data and we will be able to analyze it.
  • If you want to join the Trash Hunters – Plastic Soup Foundation club: You will find our club by searching “Plastic Soup Foundation” or “Trash Hunters”, and by tapping on “Join”!

Once you’re in a club, you can start your Trash Hunt!

  1. Use the Litterati app to take a picture of the litter item
  2. Tag the item (the type of packaging, the material, and the brand), and tap on ✓
  3. Clean it up! This is how we place the issue of litter on the map together.

Here you can download the instructions in PDF:



World Cleanup Day

On World Cleanup Day 2018, thousands of people in the Netherlands collected a huge amount of data about our litter problem using the Litterati app. More than 35,000 items were registered in the country that day. The app has proven to be a huge success!
World Cleanup Day 2019 will take place on September 21st. Do you want to participate? Keep an eye on our website!