What can you do to support us with our mission. You could start today:

  • Prevent the use of plastic.
  • Bring your own (thermosflasks, plasticfree bags).
  • Single use is abuse (minimise use of disposable plastics).

But if you really want to support our foundation and really want to take action, we would like to inspire you with some  ideas. To get you started:


Are you riding your race bike every weekend? Or are you a fanatic sailor? In short, are you a little sporty? Then you can think of sponsoring the PSF for your next race, cycling or sailing contest. There are many possibilities, so there’s something for you.

If you’re more creatively inclined, there are still many ways in which you can do your part. You can pick up plastic in your neighborhood or on the beach, and sell homemade soup at the market; there are numerous possibilities, surely there is something cut out for you.

For example:

Raise money for guest lectures

Children often feel a huge sense of responsibility for animals and nature and are keen to do something to help. That is why the Plastic Soup Foundation gives guest lessons at primary schools throughout the Netherlands, in which school children of all ages learn about plastic soup. This is how we increase awareness in the youngest children.

In Holland we encourage schools to raise money for guest lessons. For example by collecting returnable bottles or by organizing an auction.

Take action with your company

Donate your deposit money
Do you want provide the option that your customers can automatically donate their deposit money to us? Thanks to our Business Angel Tomra, you can easily mount a donation button on the cashier at your supermarket. Every year, the highest collector receives a certificate in September.

Plastic bags
Since it is legally required in the Netherlands to claim money for each plastic carrying bag, a number of companies have decided to donate the proceeds of plastic bags to the Plastic Soup Foundation. You can download our poster and place it as a board at the checkout.

PSF Donation, PDF (477 KB)

Donation boxes
The Plastic Soup foundation is always looking for venturous retailers and, for example, (water) sports centers that support the Plastic Soup Foundation and its mission! Would you like to help us? Then place a donation box. For more information about the donor buttons, the plastic bag action or donation boxes, please contact Janna Selier.

Click here to see which entrepreneurs support us already.

Other forms of cooperation
Do you want to take action with your company in a different way? That of course is also possible. For example, do you want to sell our Wishing Whale bread bags in your store? Or do you have other ideas for collaboration? Then contact Annemarie Nederhoed.

Statiegeldladder september 2016 t/m mei 2017

More ideas to reduce your plastic footprint:

  • The art of ‘leave it out’ (don’t buy pre-packed fruit & vegetables).
  • Aim for prevention, then re-use, then recycle.
  • Put trash where it belongs (throw nothing on the road or in the water).
  • Raise the plastic soup issue at work, school, business, organisation, council and in politics.
  • Tell your friends in all your networks!
  • See good practices from Siem Haffmans (Partners for Innovation). watch ten innovative examples to prevent the growth of plastic soup.
  • Avoid personal care products (i.e. scrubs) that contain plastic. You can find list on this page. These microbeads end up in the ocean via the wastewater systems. Check your bathroom and see if your personal care products contain plastic: Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP) en Polyethylene terephtalate (PET), Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), nylon12.
  • Support deposit-refund systems through the petition of the Plastic Soup Surfer.
  • Download the app Beat the Microbead!