Proud: Sander Hoogendoorn from 3FM is our new ambassador

Amsterdam, 14 September 2018 – We are proud to announce a new ambassador: Sander Hoogendoorn. Sander is known as radio DJ at 3FM. He is the voice of the morning show of 3FM from Monday to Friday. Sander is a huge lover of orcas and their natural environment. That is why he has become an ambassador for the Plastic Soup Foundation. You want to protect what you love. As ambassador he contributes to the protection of the ocean.

Thank you Sander, and welcome to our team.

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As the Plastic Soup Foundation’s newest ambassador, Oliver Heldens has made a remarkable contribution to reducing ocean pollution. In one month alone, the pair has raised over 10.000 euros through the sale of the new “MBRC the Ocean bracelet” .

Plastic Soup Foundation has a clear mission: ‘No plastic waste in our water’ . The “MBRC the Ocean bracelet” is made from recycled plastic debris, which has been  transformed into regenerated nylon.

Endorsed by Oliver, the bracelet has been worn by thousands of supporters across the world. The decision to partner with the initiative comes from Oliver’s respect for the environment. Besides building a compelling music repertoire, Oliver has a special place in his heart for the ocean.

“The sea is like a song, I want to keep it beautiful and join the oceans beautiful again, that’s why I am a proud ambassador for Plastic Soup Foundation.” Oliver said.

Maria Westerbos, Director & Founder of the Plastic Soup Foundation said, “We are very proud that Oliver Heldens is now part of Plastic Soup Foundation’s ambassadors, we think that collaborating with an artist like him and his audience will help us make a difference. artists and musicians join us in this fight! “

About Oliver Heldens :

A young Dutch star who stands out from the crowd with his own distinctive sound. #1 hits and about 1 billion cumulative streams to his name. As well as being one of the most talented producers in the game, he’s also officially one of the world’s favorite house DJ. Landing at #13 in the 2017 DJ Mag Top 100. His relentless tour schedule continues to play his way through his eclectic, high-octane sound to hundreds of thousands of clubbers throughout the year.

About MBRC the ocean :

MBRC the ocean is a new fashion brand. It is their philosophy that it is time to change the way we think and act. The brand donates more than 30% of its total revenues to their partner Plastic Soup Foundation. MBRC the ocean was launched on the 24th of June 2018 during the Volvo Ocean Race at The Hague. In only one month of operation, MBRC has already donated € 10,000 to Plastic Soup Foundation, with the goal to raise over € 500,000 by the end of 2019. 

About Plastic Soup Foundation :

Plastic Soup Foundation wants to call a halt to the increasing pollution of the ocean by plastic both nationally and internationally. Since 2011, the organization has approached the problem of plastic pollution with smart and witty campaigns. The largest and best-known campaign of the Plastic Soup Foundation is ‘Beat the Microbead’. With this, the foundation wants cosmetic brands to stop adding microplastics to their products worldwide. Up until now, 99 NGOs from 44 countries have been involved in microbeads in many countries in the world. Plastic Soup Foundation is also tackling other sources of plastic pollution, such as single-use plastics and microfibers from synthetic clothes. According to the international press, the organization is now ‘One of the leading advocacy groups to tackle plastic pollution.’ By joining forces with MBRC the Ocean, Plastic Soup Foundation wants to reach a broader and more diverse audience.


Omar Munie, Designer

Ambassador Omar Munie

Yay! The Plastic Soup Foundation introduces our newest ambassador: Omar Munie.

Omar Munie fled from Somalia to The Netherlands and became a successful entrepreneur and a talented Dutch designer, well-known in the Dutch design industry. Omar cares about sustainability, which he puts into practice with the production of his bags. But it doesn’t end there. He also wants to stop the incredible amount of plastic that ends up in our ocean every single minute. Omar has a love-hate relationship with the ocean: he fled from Somalia by sea and many people on that boat did not survive. In Holland Omar lives nearby the ocean where he loves to go for a stroll. It breaks his heart to see that people throw their garbage on the beach. So Omar didn’t need to think twice when Plastic Soup Foundation asked him to become part of the ambassador team and he immediately said yes. Welcome, Omar!

Roos Blufpand, Singer-songwriter

Ambassador Roos Blufpand

Roos Blufpand will give you goosebumps. Roos a very talented singer-songwriter who plays the piano while singing about the things she encounters in life. With only 23 years of life experience, she knows how to touch the right tone and move thousands of people who attend one of her many shows. Besides music, Roos is very occupied with sustainability issues and the plastic soup in particular. We’re very proud to welcome Roos to our Plastic Soup Foundation Ambassador team.

Nanja van den Broek, Freediver

Ambassador Nanja van den Broek

Nanja van den Broek can dive 130 meters in just one breath. Say what? Yes, this incredible lady knows how to hold her breath, stay calm and focused while her lungs are being squeezed to the size of oranges by the underwater pressure. Nanja is the world record holder in freediving for the discipline of variable weight; she also holds an additional 30 Dutch records. Her dedication is not only focused on freediving, but also on protecting the ocean. She’s an ambassador for the Plastic Soup Foundation, for which she will start a new campaign next year: One Woman, One Dive, to Save the Ocean. Stay tuned!

Dorian van Rijsselberghe, Windsurfer

Ambassador Dorian van Rijsselberghe

Windsurfer Dorian van Rijsselberghe is a two-time gold-medal winner at the Olympics (2012 and 2016). His passion for the ocean made him aware of the threat of plastic pollution. Dorian is the type of man who stands up and fights for what he loves; this is why he is Ambassador of the Plastic Soup Foundation. You are gold Dorian, thanks for your ambassadorship.

Oliver Heldens, DJ

Ambassador Oliver Heldens


Oliver Heldens is one of the most famous DJs in the world. The Dutch DJ is just 23 years old, but is the owner of his own label, has a global fan base of millions of followers and gives more than 120 performances per year. In addition to building a compelling music repertoire Oliver has a special place in his heart for the ocean. He is proud to be an Ambassador for the Plastic Soup Foundation.