Plus Supermarket works around the European Ban on single-use plastics

Amsterdam, May 23, 2019 — Europe forbids its member-states from selling single-use plastic cutlery (forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks). This is one of the measures that ware mentioned in the new guidelines for single-use plastics. The Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Reduction of the Impact of Certain Plastic Products on the Environment, as the guidelines are officially called, was definitively approved this month now that the European Council has also approved of it. Selling disposable cutlery is therefore prohibited as of 2021. Despite this impending ban, the Dutch supermarket PLUS has already found a way to circumvent the prohibition by marketing plastic cutlery as an environmentally friendly “washable” product. 

Background of the Directive
In order to prevent the exponentially-increasing amount of plastic in the environment, Europe has adopted new rules. These new rules prohibit the use of certain single-use products if there are alternatives. The prohibited products are those which are often found in the environment, such as disposable cutlery; plastic forks, spoons, and knives are often found in places where people picnic, such as on beaches and in parks. The new regulation seeks to eliminate plastic products that are usually thrown away after being used just once or twice — they may no longer be sold as of 2021.
PLUS Supermarket
PLUS Supermarket’s marketers claim that the company is striving to minimize its impact on the environment and touts its corporate social responsibility program. One might, therefore, expect that PLUS brand plastic cutlery — in anticipation of the forthcoming plastic ban — would be removed from shelves. Instead, the brand is suddenly presenting their plastic cutlery as a “sustainable” product that would benefit the environment. It is an embarrassment.

The plus supermarket is messing with the European ban on plastic cutlery

Amsterdam, 23 May 2019 – The EU has banned the sale of disposable plastic, knives, forks, spoons etc. across all member states. This measure was taken as a new directive on single use plastic products. This directive, officially called Reducing the Effects of Specific Plastic Products on the Environment, has finally been endorsed, now that the European Council has agreed to the wording. The sale of plastic cutlery will be illegal from 2021. PLUS Super is already circumventing this ban by promoting their plastic cutlery as suitable for re-use and environmentally friendly.

Background to this directive

In order to damn the increasing flow of plastic waste, the EU has agreed to new law forbidding the use of particular items when there is an obvious alternative. This concerns items often found in the environment, such as throw-away cutlery. Plastic knives, forks and spoons etc. are especially found near picnic sites like parks and beaches. The reasoning behind the directive is to eventually, totally remove, items that are generally just thrown away after only one or two uses, from the whole system. This is why there is to be a total ban on selling them at all, from 2021.

PLUS Supermarket

PLUS Super marketeers have thought of a trick to circumvent the new rules. After all, as long as it’s not broken, you can always wash the item and reuse it, again and again! The PLUS is now advertising their throw-away plastic cutlery as suitable for reuse up to one hundred times.

The PLUS says they are in this way attempting to reduce impact on the environment and cherishes their positive image of socially responsible enterprise. You could then be thinking that PLUS will be removing all plastic cutlery from their shelves, well in advance of the start of the directive in 2021. Instead, their own brand has been suddenly reclassified as a so-called durable product, particularly beneficial to the environment. The audacity is a travesty.

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