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Softlaunch My Little Plastic Footprint


Alicante, 18 October 2017 – Our long awaited app, My Little Plastic Footprint, had its soft launch this morning. The launch took place during the very first Ocean Summit of the 13th Volvo Ocean Race which starts in Alicante, Spain. This app allows people anywhere in the world to reduce their plastic footprint and learn more about the plastic soup in the oceans.

The plastic soup is growing and everybody contributes to it – citizens, companies and governments. Of all the plastic that we use, we throw 40% away within twenty minutes. Of this, 3% ultimately ends up in the water. This can change. It has to change!

My Little Plastic Footprint offers an interactive platform where you can do something about the plastic soup in the ocean. You could explore the issue and test your knowledge in a quiz. You can also reduce your own ‘footprint’ by making pledges and sharing them with your friends and contacts on social media. Examples of pledges could be:

  • I will not use plastic straws anymore;
  • I will not accept any plastic bags in shops anymore.
Features of the app

Some screens of My Little Plastic Footprint


The app starts with 60 pledges. The number will grow over time. The smaller your plastic footprint becomes, the bigger your chance to be nominated as Ocean Champion.

In the third part of the app, you can be inspired by Ocean Heroes, celebrities who take action against plastic pollution. See the Ocean Heroes by downloading the app or by going to

We would like to ask you, our followers, to test this first version of the app.

Help us reduce humanity’s plastic footprint.

We have six weeks in which to remove any bugs and errors, and we can only do this with your help.

Will you help us? The app is available at the App Store and via Google Play. For more information about the app, check out

The app is built by: the Plastic Soup Foundation in the Netherlands, EA in Switzerland, Smäll in Barcelona and the Ocean Recovery Alliance in Hong Kong.