World Cleanup Day 2019 – Netherlands

World Cleanup Day 2019 was a great success. With no less than 15,673 participants, we gave the Netherlands a big clean-up. More than 77,000 litter items were registered in the Litterati-app. These were the results:

Plastic Soup Foundation & World Cleanup Day

The Plastic Soup Foundation has been coordinating World Cleanup Day in the Netherlands since 2018. Together with 160 other countries, this day is all about cleaning up the environment. In the Netherlands, we not only clean up but also register what we find on the streets in the Litterati-app.

The information this provides makes it possible to tackle the problem of litter at source, so that, for example, better packaging can be developed or deposits can be introduced on common waste items such as cans and bottles. That is exactly why the Plastic Soup Foundation coordinates World Cleanup Day in the Netherlands.

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