Join the World Clean Up Day 2019!

The whole world is going to clean up on Saturday, 21 September 2019! The 2018 World Clean Up Day  was a great success. One hundred and fifty-eight countries joined and millions of people stopped a lot of plastic waste from being carried by rivers and entering the plastic soup in the sea!

On World Clean Up Day, illegal dumps are also registered and cleaned up around the world. In the Netherlands we concentrate on litter. The goal of the World Clean Up Day  is of course to clean up as much litter as possible, but also to gather information about the type of litter there is on the street and in nature. This information is essential to come up with structural solutions. We need to know what type of waste lurks in our environment so that we can make sure that it does not return tomorrow or next week.

How can you join in?

You can participate in two ways:

  1. Organise a clean-up  yourself
  2. Join a cleanup

On the map of the Netherlands you will find an overview of all cleanups that have been registered so far. Go to the map and join us on World Cleanup Day!

For organisations

Would you like to help as an organisation or a company on World Cleanup Day? That’s possible! First of all, you are already helping by organising a cleanup! But you could also sponsor World Cleanup Day with your organisation or company. Add your cleanup on the map or contact us for the sponsor contribution (starting from €1000) using the form below.

Results of World Clean Up Day NL 2018

Help map litter using the Litterati app

We can map the litter using the Litterati app. This app is very easy. It shows the exact location where you find litter, the type of material it is and the brand. This information helps us make sure that politicians and companies handle the problem at source e.g. through a deposit system on bottles and tins or more sustainable packaging.

Download the app here and read how it works.