Teaching about plastic soup

By making children aware of plastic issues at an early age, we get them thinking. What will the earth look like in 50 years if we continue like this? What are the consequences of all that plastic in our environment? What can we do now to turn the tide? For both primary and secondary schools, we have a comprehensive curriculum. Check out our free teaching materials here.

Teaching material primary education

The exciting and adventurous lesson material is based on the World of Oz. Students have the opportunity to discover the plastics soup up close and are challenged to get involved themselves. There are lessons for three grade levels: grade 4, grade 5/6 and grade 7/8, view the offerings here.

Teaching material secondary education

Do you want to give the plastic problem a place in secondary education? You’ve come to the right place. The teaching material consists of an introductory lesson and several challenges. An overview can be found here voor vwo, havo, mavo en vmbo-t en here for vmbo-bk(g). The challenges are also free available. 

Guest lectures

Would you rather hand over the ropes? We have a team of experienced guest teachers ready to come teach at your school! Our teachers know exactly how to inspire students. A guest lesson lasts 1 class hour and consists of information with videos, class assignments and discussion.

Sustainability goals

The UN has agreed on 17 goals (Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs) to make the world a better place. Read here what it will take to reduce plastic to protect seas and oceans, climate change and restore ecosystems, among other things. Will you join us?

Other materials

Looking for homeschooling materials, speaking materials or communication materials such as images and posters? Find a variety of offerings here that you can use to supplement digital lessons.