Generous Givers

The Plastic Soup Foundation can really use your contribution in the battle against the plastic soup. We are grateful for all the support that we receive. We sometimes receive support that is so immense and important that we dedicate a place on our website to these Generous Givers.


Generous donors

These organisations currently provide generous support to PSF, or have generously supported PSF in the past.









Dear donors

These people currently provide financial support to PSF in a wonderful way, or have provided financial support in the past.






ISA Green Team                          ‘T Skildermuurtje                          Team Zeeland






Bottle refund action

The PSF receives money from supermarket shoppers who donate their bottle refund.

We keep track of the supermarkets that raise the most money.

The supermarket that is at the top of the list at the end of September receives an official Plastic Soup Foundation certificate as thanks.







Plastic bags

On 1 January 2016 it became mandatory for shops in the Netherlands to charge for plastic bags. A number of companies decided to donate this money to the PSF. We can put this money to good use in our work to reduce the plastic pollution in the sea.poster tasjes generous givers

Just Brands Stores, Meesterbakker Roodenrijs and many other shops donate the money that they receive for the plastic bags to PSF:






Gevers in kind

These organisations support the PSF in kind with amazing creative and practical support.












Charity Dinner

The Plastic Soup Foundation hosted its second Charity Dinner on Monday November 21st. This time it was at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam. The benefit evening was a great success with wonderful artists and generous guests who donated an incredible €57,550!

We are very grateful for making this such a wonderful evening. Thank you everybody!

passenger terminal


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