Do you also get angry about all that plastic waste in our seas and rivers? Even closer, just on the street and on the verge of the road? Are you eager to take action against it? Then take part in the first edition of the Young Plastic Pollution Challenge from 17 August 2020!

Come up with a brilliant idea or a great invention to prevent plastic from ending up in the environment and win a nice amount of money!

The Young Plastic Pollution Challenge is organized by Spronck Foundation and Plastic Soup Foundation. We challenge you to come up with the ultimate solution and work with us to put an end to plastic pollution.

Short practical info:

  • 17 August – 15 October 2020 is the deadline for submitting your idea

  • 12 November 2020 is the final

    Your proposal must fit within the following three categories:

    • Alternative forms of products or use
    • Alternative materials
    • Preventive measures at the source

Why this Challenge

We all know by now how devastating the impact of plastic on the environment is. Slowly but surely, it is becoming increasingly clear that microplastics are everywhere these days: in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil in which we grow our vegetables. The first scientists are now investigating whether this is harmful to our health.

Worldwide there is a lot of talk about the circular economy, and there are many initiatives to stop the problems, but still, we see little change. And the amount of waste is only increasing; there is no escaping from it.

We need smart ideas to prevent this ‘leakage’ of plastic, of both macro- and microplastics, to the environment. We will have to look at other economic models, different processes, or products. We will have to start using materials that do not harm our habitat and the environment.

This is why we challenge you to convince us with your brilliant invention to make and keep our world – and ourselves – livable and healthy.